• Sethco's pleated poylpropylene filter cartridges feature an extended filter surface for greater dirt holding capcity compared to conventional cylinder, sleeve or wound type depth filter tubes.

    • 3 or 20 micron filtration
    • Available in 10" and 20" nominal lengths
    • Reusable - Can be backwashed
    • No finishing agent
    • Great particle holding capacity
    • Cartridges fit most single or multi-tiered chambers that use standard 10" tubes
    • More filtration in less space
    • Resistant to acids and alkalies
    • No liquid by-pass
    • Ideal for water clarification
    • Operating temperature to 170° F
    • Economically priced - quantity discounts available

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  • Sethco filter bags are constructed of high strength polypropylene felt. Bags can be cleaned and reused, and are sized for a specific Sethco chamber.

  • Carbon Filter Tubes

    Sethco carbon filter tubes are designed to be used in any standard single or multi-tube filter chamber. They provide a greater filtration area for greater adsorption plus economy - all in a single double-duty cartridge. Sethco's carbon-filter tube progressively filters out solid particles, then adsorbs organic impurities and finally re-filters the twice-treated liquid. Constructed of inert materials, the multi-layered tube will "purify" the most corrosive acid or alkaline solution including plating solutions to 170 degrees F. An open mesh polypropylene protective outer sleeve gives the tube rigidity and encompasses the polypropylene fluted outer filter of over 120 square inches per 10 inch length of filter area to trap most solids. This is 40% more filtration surface than a conventional flat circular surface. This fluted design provides greater dirt holding capacity and longer life. Organic impurities are than adsorbed by the next dense layer of Sethco activated granular carbon. finally stray particles down to ten microns are trapped by the double wall inner polypropylene filter providing contaminant free clean and clear solution. The entire construction is layered over a center rigid polypropylene mesh core. Leakproof grooved vinyl end-caps assure tight "no-liquid-bypass" fit.

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