Sethco filter tubes are fabricated of natural or synthetic fiber wound over a perforated plastic or metal core. The precision winding pattern covers the entire depth of the filter tube with hundreds of funnel shaped tunnels which become gradually finer from the outer surface to the center of the tube and trap progressively finer particles as the fluid travels to the center. This allows much greater solids retention capacity than is associated with surface filter media of the same dimensions. Sethco depth filter tubes feature:
-High flow rate - low pressure drop
-High efficiency
-High solids holding capacity - long service life
-Simple to use - easy to replace
-Standard sizes
-Specifically designed for corrosive service

Unit of Measure


N/A # 5A


N/A Polypropylene

Micron Rating

N/A 0.5

Nominal Length

N/A 6"


N/A 2-1/2" OD x 1" ID

Support Materials

N/A Polypropylene Core


N/A 30/case (sold by case only)